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a couple words from us

Heres whats been goin' on around here:

  • Well this news we usually don't say but here's the sports news! According to almost all of the Sacramento area and a couple of other places, The Sacramento Kings are the best team in the NBA! Go Kings! woo hooo 


  • haha since we are talking about basketball and the kings, im just goin to add a lil sumthin funny... yesterday i was watching the kings play the clippers and a guy on the clippers got the ball and just.. tripped on like the floor or something... i was cracking up but my dads all "owwch that mush have hurt" (hehe so i just had to add a lil gossip to that)



  • Wuts HOTT and wuts NOT: Wuts hott...AIM of course and wuts not: SBC Yahoo messenger, or any other kind of messenger thats not AIM!!


  • What's in style and what's out of style:

In Style:

Long jeans,


Pac Sun, 




Icing or Claires

and of corse belts and earrings!

Out of style:

Limited Too,

Target clothes,

bell sleves,

italian chram braclets (can wear them once in a while),


and head bands! (eww lol)


.::*::.Jess & Less .::*::.