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Jessica and Lauren's: STARDUST

Chile Pepper, Rotating
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Jessica and I are best friends and have been since preschool!. Nook dialogue serious need illusion district collected cabin pause label gain. HAHA! Just kidding! We just looked through a Thesaurus and picked out some words! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
We worship absolute viands.(We love perfect food!)

Jessica and i really luv dogs, as you know, and these are breeds we really love:
1. Golden Retriver
2. Welsh Corgi
3. Bernise Mountain Dog
4. Great Dain
Top Names we really love:
1. Nugget
2. Missy
3. Bailey
4. Texas


Fool Facts:
1. Mary-Kate and Ashley are the youngest multi-billionares in the world
2. Hilary Duff has been in 4 major movies
3. Zutopia went out of business
4. Claries has a new line- Icing

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