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NOT like those stupid icons with one doll head and a few TINY words

Heres all about how to make a DOLL icon: - sorry we made this about a year ago and i dont have the animator n e more so i cant show how to make really tite just word icons but we figured it out so u can too hopefully...

First, u need to get an animator and make sure u have the paint program (most computers already have it). To get the animator, go to and download the free trial of the Animation shop.  It is only a 30 day trial, unless u want to buy it. After you have it, its time to make icons!
Doll icons
To make a doll icon, first you need to create a doll at a website like ,,  or After you have made an doll, push the print screen button on the page where the doll is next to F12. that copies it. Now open up paint, paste it in, and single it out so that you have a rectangle around ur doll only showing the doll. Now use the same thing u used to single it out with, and make a square around the head and some of the shirt 48x48. You can tell how big it is by looking in the bottom right corner. Make SURE it is 48x48 otherwise it will come out all funky. (belive me, i made about 10 icons that came out like that before i relized what i was doing wrong). Now copy that and paste it into Animation shop by clicking edit (at the top)  > Paste as new animation. then do the same with the middle and bottom, but after clicking edit, do paste AFTER current frame. OK, now u have the doll down, and now u can personalize it by making it say your name! Up at the top of Animation Shop, click on Animation > Insert frames > Empty , then when the little box comes up, put the amount of empty boxes u want, and the box under that, that says Insert before frame ___, count the amount of boxes u already have filled in, and add one to it and put that number in the box. Under that, where it says Frame Delay Time, put in 80. That is how long it will show. Dont worry about what it says under that, it is already how u want it. Now you should have a box with gray squares in it. ON the side, where there is a color box, select the color u want the background to be. then click on the paint can on the toolbar and fill in the box by just clicking on it. Now select a color you want the text to be and click on the A  on the tool bar and click any where on the box that you want the text to be in. Then a box should come up and u can select how big you want it, and the font. Then click ok and place it where ever you want it on the box. Now click View at the top, and review your work!
Different ways to display the text
After you have done a icon like above, you may want to make it a little more creative. 
To make an image transition, first click on the box u want it to start with, and click on Effects at the top > Insert Image Transition. A box should come up, and you can select the way you want it to be.
To make it flash opposite colors, make 4 boxes after the doll or whatever you have, and first make a box with the text and colors you want. Now in the box after that, make the same text, only in opposite colors of what you had. (ex: red background, yellow text, Next box : Yellow background red text) do that twice, and it comes out stunning.
I hope everyone enjoys making icons and if you have any questions, email me or jessie!

Any questions just email or IM me and Leslie on AIM!!
Screen names:
xo berry sunset