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Here are sum linx to sum other tite websites!!! - this is an awesome site to get the best icons!! (59 made by me and leslie, search caligalzz(hehe long story), dont pay attention to that icon but click on the user who made it and see our others) - another great site!! put ur pic on the web make an awesome "profile" type thing and get friendz and all that good stuff... - get a great sub profile fur ur buddy profile on AIM cuz the ones that u make just with regular AIM dont let u put HALF the stuff u want in there... - get a damn AIM screen name!! - make ur own webbie fur freeeeeee like OURS! hilarious pictures and videos (some are """bad""" dont look at it with ur parents lol or just dont look at them at all!) if u dont get the magazine, go here! Lil Allisons PIMPIN websiite!!!!


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